Personal Coaching

Personal coaching provides structure and support in developing strategies for healing through grief and loss. While it is not a substitute for therapy, it can be effective in developing strategies and tools for coming to terms with grief, loss and transition.

Because of my clinical training, and personal experience with profound loss, I have sat on both sides of the table. I strive to facilitate the client in creating a safe and sacred space... for healing and renewal. My function is to facilitate the client to focus, and clarify issues, then moving to enumerate and clarify desired solutions.

CoachingMy goal is to provide the structure and support to empower the client to first, focus on, and identify their issues; and then, to co-develop both short and long-term goals and strategies for achieving health and wholeness. I help the client identify resources, building his or her tool box. Goals are then broken down into specific, incremental steps, moving from the first stage of fresh grief, through discovery, and finally, to recovery.

I offer an initial, free phone consultation, where we can both decide if we are a good "fit" to work together, as coach and client. There is a discussion of fees. If there is mutual agreement to go forward, we can then schedule our first session. At that point, I would email, (or snail-mail) the client a Personal Information form-- to be filled in, and returned prior to the first session.

My flexibility of schedule allows for late afternoon and evening phone sessions, not hindered by travel concerns, geographic proximity, or inclement weather.

The final goal: Allowing.
My desire is for the grieving client to come to a place of loving acceptance
Through compassion for him/herself
...and his or her loved one.