About Joan Heleine

Dedicated to self-development and healing for the past twenty years, Joan Heleine holds
a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology. She has post-graduate training in psychotherapy and is certified as a Heart-Centered,Clinical Hypnotherapist, through the Wellness Institute in Washington state.

A Certified Social Worker (CSW) in New Jersey, Joan is also a licensed school social worker, with a school-based background in social problem solving and crisis counseling. She has extensive experience in mental health counseling, with both individuals and groups. Joan studied Regression Therapy with British analyst, Roger Woolger.

Joan HeleineIn both counseling and coaching milieus, Joan seeks to facilitate the creation of a safe, professional environment, for the client to achieve emotional health and behavioral change. Joan has developed skills in many modalities of treatment, but her focus is on meeting the needs of the individual client. Besides supportive counseling, she employs the techniques of hypnotherapy and guided visualization, to address the issues of grief and loss, stress management, addictions, and weight management.

A White Light Reiki Master since 1998, Joan strives to combine the principles of energy work with talk therapy, in order to support the total-body healing process.

Joan lives in a cozy townhouse in northwestern New Jersey, overlooking the beautiful Brodie Mountains. In her spare time, she enjoys play therapy with her cats, classic movies, theater, reading, hiking, and international travel. She has traveled to both China and Italy as a teacher of English, through Global Volunteers.

Joan has an adult son who lives with his family in a nearby community.

Let things be as they are,
Not as you would like them to be,
Or as you think they should be;

Within and from the heart,
Strive to simply accept what is,
Let the crack of one small opening expand,

...To let the sunlight enter.